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Building a multi-faceted artist site on Hugo

By Wizian | 3 June, 2019

This post is for the statistics.

What it is

  • This site is built using Hugo, a static website builder.
  • Multilanguage, EN and DE
  • It uses 12+ taxonomies
  • It is planned to be used as an online catalog

After just getting in a couple of basic pages Hugo reported that there are 200+ EN and 200+ DE generated pages.


  • It uses directories as a container, so that the artist can write their stuff in a template, add their pictures to webassets and webgallery directories, and copy the container to the contents directory. Hugo does the rest.
  • Admin area for the team, with lists showing edit and translation status.
  • Uses data in the content directors such as events, works, for reporting.
  • Images are automatically scaled and minimised.
  • Posts can be placed on the front page by just adding a keyword in the post.
  • Lots of different show case windows on the frontpage which can be turned on/off, with or without parallax

Other uses

It is also laid out so that it can be used as personal admin tool for

  • artwork
  • timeline blog
  • documentation


  • Ideally in the future the artist can create a container on their phone, shove it into a directory, have it auto upload to a server and the server does the rest using CI/CD
  • Gallery, catalog functions

Catching typos

Using templates, data entry is prone to typo mistakes, so I am looking for a way to streamline the process.

Anybody interested

If you want to use it or help out in fledging it out let me know.

Part of

The theme will be part of a boxxd offering

You can get in contact with me at