By Regina | 10 March, 2019

Here are some of the personalities who I appreciate.

Antonius Kho

Antonius Kho is an indonesian artist who lives on Bali. In June 2019 he had a exhibition in my studio. More about him on his website:

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Gert Neuhaus

Gert is a great painter and fun to work with. His speciality is large building facades.

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Yvette Döll

Yvette Döll is musician, producer, publisher and photo artist. He has several records to his name and helped to style Techno in the 80’s.

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Gustav von Hirschheydt

Gustav is a painter who has a very expressive style and he runs a gallery in Berlin with his partner. I have had a couple of pictures on display there.

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Wizian is a creative artist who has an organisational talent. He has created this wonderful website. You can read up more about him on his site

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