Exhibition in Gallerie Hirschheydt, Berlin

Exhibiting three drawings and a minature model

By Regina | 13 June, 2019

Small World

Location: Gallery Gustav von Hirschheydt
Participating artists: Regina Hickl

Vernissage: 14. Jun. 2019

Exhibition: 14. Jun. 2019 - 7. Aug. 2019

Wielandstraße 31, 10629 Berlin

Organiser: Gallerie Gustav von Hirschheydt


I am participating in a group exhibition with three drawings and a miniature model of a restaurant room with murals for the Café Giro d’Espresso, which gives the impression of being on an Italian square.

Participating artists

Rainer Fetting, Regina Hickl, Gustav von Hirschheydt, Regina Karlikowski, Nic Möckel, Rosa von Praunheim, Jens Steinberg, Hassan Taheri, Elías Tobares, Lisa Wolf.

The topic

“Small World” is a surprisingly multi-layered term. Does it mean small things? Does it mean how people are coming together due to the ease of long distance travel? Has it got something to do with the social psychological experiment “Six degrees of separation”? The artists give answers.

One of my works on show

Sala Lucca

Video of the model: