Dollinger Busbahnhof

Mural painting in four days

By Regina | 10 May, 2019

The story to the picture

Dollinger is well known sunny café restaurant on Stuttgarter Platz in Berlin. During their refitting they requested me to do a wall mural, which I did with Gert Neuhaus .

Here is a short video (5 minutes) of it being painted.

Technical details

Size: 500 cm x 370 cm
Type of artifact: Mural, illusions painting, wall painting
Skill used: Painting
Techniques used: Wallpaint
[i18n] workBasísMaterialsTitle: Plaster

Catalog details

People involved: Regina Hickl, Gert Neuhaus
Partners involved: Giebelmalerei
Created in year: 2019
Places: Stuttgarter Platz, Berlin

Studio works number: 1005

Viewing details

Where it can be seen: Restaurant

Viewing notes: Telephone +49 30 355 14 104

Stuttgarter Platz 21, 10627 Berlin, Germany

Acquiring details

Comment: This work is not purchasable.