Green spirits

By Regina | 10 May, 2019

Technical details

Size: 170 cm x 200 cm
Type of artifact: Acryl and Charcoal on canvas
Skill used: Painting
[i18n] workBasísMaterialsTitle: Canvas

Catalog details

People involved: Regina Hickl
Their roles: Painter
Created in year: 2008
Artists life period: Canary Islands
Part of collection(s): Laurisilva
Places: La Gomera

Studio works number: 1007

Viewing details

Where it can be seen: Showroom

Viewing notes:
For the opening times: Tel: +49 30 51736256

FriedrischsLust, Neue Christstraße 7, 14059 Berlin, Germany

Acquiring details


Purchase price:: 9000 EUR

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